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Edelman Group is an architects' office and consultancy. We search jointly with our clients and other key stakeholders integrated urban solutions.

Our expertise focus on large scale and complex urban developments and design projects.

UDVM – Urban Design and Vision Management
by Edelman Group and 3D Render Ltd

Imagine a city design process that let’s you analyse the architectural quality,
economics of the design, and sustainability – such as the carbon foot print –
all at the same time in a highly visual fashion. A sustainable demonstration development
in the Helsinki Region elaborates the potentials and features of UDVM.

UDVM v.0.62 from UDVM on Vimeo.

Our work involves:

  • Assisting clients in development and planning negotiations
  • Finding value-adding sites and urban potentials to fulfill the interests of organizations
  • Delivering design and planning solutions
  • Training and capacity-building of organizations in development and planning negotiations
  • Serving as a Think Tank for policy-making and strategy formation related to the production of the built environment

We apply integrative negotiation practices to fulfill our clients' interests in the production of the built environment. Practicing Urban Design Management at the intersection of urban planning, city design, and real estate development provides a ground for acknowledging diverse stakeholder perspectives. Urban Design Management involves mediation among a range of self-interested stakeholders involved in the production of the built environment. Such mediation encourages a joint search for mutually beneficial outcomes, or Integrative Development. Integrative Development links stakeholders at diverse scales and in multiple contexts. Integrative Development aims to produce more sustainable solutions by increasing stakeholder satisfaction with the process and content of urban development.

We work both for private and public sector clients such as cities and developers. Typically, the assignments are jointly developed with a client organization or a group of them.